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Leader’s Greetings

Leader’s Greetings

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Leader's Greetings
You are welcome to visit the Beijing Automotive Industry Import & Export Co., Ltd.’s official website.
Founded in 1985, the Beijing Automotive Industry Import & Export Co., Ltd. (BAIC IEC for short) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Automotive Industry Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as BAIC Group below). With its leapfrog development and internationalization strategy implementation, the BAIC Group invested in founding the BAIC International Development Co., Ltd. in June 2013, which functions as a platform for the Group to build a 'Global BAIC'. BAICIEC then came under the control of the BAIC International Development Co., Ltd. 
In response to market changes, BAIC IEC continually adjusted its line of business and employed a business model in which import and export play the pivotal role and a diversified operation serves as the support. As a result, the Company sharpened its ability to adapt to the market and avoid risks. In addition to continuously increasing its international presence and upsizing its export scale, the Company also exploited other businesses like the parallel import of automobiles in the Tianjin Free Trade Zone, bidding & tendering for foreign aid, etc. Since its foundation, the Company has always insisted on its business motto 'Relying on the BAIC Group, serving the BAIC Group'. Thanks to three decades of development, the Company currently has an annual import and export value of US$250 million and an annual sales revenue of RMB 1.7 billion.
By working conscientiously and meticulously, we move ahead in a down-to-earth manner. With an overall consideration of the global market, we have lofty ambitions. BAIC IEC will espouse the corporate spirit of 'Painstaking endeavors and struggle, solidarity and collaboration, progress against all odds and unfaltering faith in success' and apply itself to professionalized development in the import and export sector. By virtue of our professionalized team, professionalized management and professionalized service, we will receive a wide range of recognition from domestic and overseas customers.